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Beschrijving: The first art edition of First Dates at the LAM museum
Fotograaf: LAM

First Dates at the LAM museum

Sergio’s sultry voice and Victor’s blue eyes may be missing, but all other ingredients are present for an exciting, romantic adventure: a museum full of ‘single’ artworks, matchmakers and large, revealing windows. From today, the LAM is launching its own dating show where, instead of people, works of art are coupled together. The public decides which duo can go on a date and how long the love birds will be on display in the window of the museum, which is located in the grounds of the Keukenhof Castle estate.

The public play Cupid

Take out your magical bow and arrow. In First Dates at the LAM, the public call the shots, with the prework carried out by the museum team. They dive into the depot to dig around, contemplate and match. The public then vote on which duos hit the mark and which ones are to be showcased in the museum window and for how long.


Is it love at first sight, are the sparks flying or is it a complete mismatch filled with painful silences? On paper, the match could be ever so strong, but attraction is non-negotiable. Each art duo will be displayed for one week. The voters will decide whether the couple can stay or if it is time for another two love birds from the LAM’s collection to have a turn.
Vote here.


Set among the lush greenery of the Keukenhof Castle estate in Lisse, the LAM is the world’s pre-eminent food museum and offers a uniquely personal experience.
Director Sietske van Zanten: “We are always looking for novel ways to interact with our audience, whether the LAM is open or closed. In this respect, our ‘Viewphone’ is perfect as it allows callers to have an inspiring conversation with one of our ‘viewing coaches’. The ‘art edition’ of First Dates is a beautiful addition to this concept and as usual prioritises personal experience ahead of the artworks themselves.”

In the window

Freely accessible and open seven days a week, a public footpath with a window display runs through the LAM. The First Dates artworks will be exhibited for a number of weeks.
Van Zanten: “It will be a fun experience for people taking a walk through the estate. Those who do not reside in the area can follow the dates on Instagram.”

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