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Beschrijving: LAM experts
Fotograaf: Bibi Veth

Our 2019: LAM experts

What did 2019 bring you? The end of the year is invariably a time to take stock and ask ourselves the big questions.

We are counting our blessings.

LAM experts

We love presents at the LAM museum, especially giving them. In 2019, we presented a very big gift to our smaller visitors: school students from across the country.

Getting to work

But they didn’t receive our gift for free. We expected something in return. First, they had to focus all their senses and get their heads switched on. This was followed by an intensive training session to become a LAM expert.


You might be wondering what a LAM expert is and what you can do with your expertise. Our school programme provides participants with the tools to investigate and discover art. We switch on creativity. Museum Director Sietske van Zanten says, “We give you the confidence and skills to get the maximum from a museum visit and to interpret images in your everyday life as well. Having faith in your own eyes and knowledge is especially important. You don’t need to be an art historian or an insider to enjoy art.”

For a lifetime

At the end of their visit, the children are designated LAM experts and they each receive the big gift. It takes a simple form: a lanyard with a LAM expert pass attached. But what it contains is something huge. The card gives free museum entry to the bearer and a guest at any time during opening hours. Sietske explains, “It’s a substantial gift and an amazing way to make you feel at home here. It gives you confidence in viewing art and allows you to be responsible for your own visit. With us, you’re not sitting in the passenger seat; you are the one in charge. We firmly believe that this will help you enjoy art more and will leave a big impression.”


Due to the success of the junior programme, we will continue with our LAM experts at least until summer 2020.

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