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Beschrijving: Transform yourself and your family into a live still life
Fotograaf: Studio Maky

Transform yourself and your family into a live still life

After the success of the XXL chip trays, the LAM museum is excited about treating you to another cool event. Visit us on Sunday, 25 September and transform yourself and your family into a live still life. Rotterdam-based Studio Maky, with its awesome food suits, will immortalise you with a picture that can be taken home straight away. Expect a family portrait for the ages!

Good to know

This event is a gift from us at the LAM museum. Want to check out the museum afterwards? Simply reserve a ticket online. You can buy a standard ticket or experience the museum for free with a sponsorship.

The photo shoots for the live still life will take place on Sunday, 25 September from 8.30 am to 4.00 pm. Things will start very early because of the famous Lisse Festival Week and the special Keukenhof family walking tour – so we will be ready for you from eight-thirty in the morning. If you are not entering the family walking tour, we advise attending from 12.30 pm onwards.

We will be delighted to welcome you just in front of the LAM museum on the Keukenhof estate.

Still life, livelier than you may think

The art of the still life may have a dull reputation. Wrongfully so, we believe. Old stills are full of hidden stories. Did you know that fruit represents fertility and exotic fruit signifies wealth?

On top of that, still life paintings are also a point of pride for the artist. By painting lemon peels, pulp and velvet fabrics, artists display how well they have mastered their craft. Then there is the composition – it is quite a task to position the objects just right for us to enjoy.

You’re up next!

Are you excited about working with us and Studio Maky? Drop by on Sunday, 25 September. See you then!

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