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Sietske van Zanten is genomineerd voor de VIVA400 2020
Beschrijving: Sietske van Zanten, director LAM museum
Fotograaf: Bibi Veth

Visit the LAM museum from home

The Dutch television visited us and filmed a 20-minute tour by our museum director Sietske van Zanten in an empty LAM museum. Watch the video here.

Have fun! 

Your first love

The LAM, a brand new art museum in the Netherlands, encourages you, familiar or unfamiliar with art and museums, to interact with art. This is the place where you fall in love with art for the first time by consciously and actively looking at and thinking about art. 


Surrounded by greenery, the LAM is located on the Keukenhof estate in Lisse in the Netherlands, where berries and herbs were once gathered for the delectation of Jacqueline, Countess of Hainaut (1401-1436).

The famous Keukenhof flower gardens are nearby. 

Food art

In the LAM there is a wide range of artworks, but all are in some way related to food and consumption. The LAM museum brings back the meaning of Keukenhof (Kitchen garden) to the estate. 

People-friendly architecture

The building was first and foremost designed with people in mind. A public footpath – with display windows – runs through the building so that anyone who might find the museum slightly intimidating can get a taste of what is inside. The museum features pleasant, natural light throughout with fine views of the estate.

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