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Beschrijving: Win an artwork by Yael Laroes
Fotograaf: Yael Laroes

In the clouds – Win an artwork by Yael Laroes

In the month of September, our colleague and artist Yael Laroes is central in Sietske’s highlights in the Dutch supermarket magazine DenD. Her series of honest self-portraits went viral a few years ago after Vice picked up her work. One of those works is now on display in our LAM museum.

A work of art as a gift

After the success of the previous giveaway , we are again giving a work of art as a present. You guessed it: this time you can win a real photo artwork by Yael Laroes. Are you getting greedy yet? Then keep reading to discover how you can win.

Yael Laroes

Yael Laroes started a new photo project during the lockdown. In her words:

In March 2020, time seemed to stand still for a moment and after that it just kept moving slower. My life also stood still for a moment. I took the time to look differently. To really watch, to observe, more than I already did.

I saw Dutch skies. Real Dutch skies. I have always been inspired by the paintings from the Golden Age. The landscape paintings. The expressiveness. The painted cloudy skies that became more and more impressive.

I’ve always been looking up to the sky, but never captured what I saw. At the end of March I looked out my window from my house. My thoughts dreamed away, out of the moment, but came back and this time I captured what I saw.

Since then I have been photographing from the same place in my house, at the same window: the Dutch sky.
Every day. And every day is different, every moment is different .

Win a Dutch sky

They are gems, those Dutch skies of Yael Laroes, and we will give one of those heavenly gifts as a present in the coming weeks. Do you want to win the artwork worth 100 euros for yourself or someone else? This is how you stand a chance:

● Visit the museum
● Find a work of art that makes you delighted
● Take a picture of the artwork and you
● Mail the photo with a short explanation to, stating Yael Laroes. Do this before October 26, 2020.

This makes me greedy

Already head over heels in love with the cloud artwork of Yael Laroes and do you enjoy supporting her as an artist? Then contact Yael directly and buy a Dutch heaven for 100 euros excl. VAT.

This artwork is
● Made in an edition of 20
● A5 format
● Ready to hang; the photo is printed on dibond and framed

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