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Beschrijving: Bas is one of the Viewcoaches in LAM
Fotograaf: LAM

Working at LAM is like football – Meet Viewcoach Bas

He is in 5 HAVO, can be found on the football field five days a week and goes to the gym six times a week. You wonder where he gets the time for his job at the museum. “A lot of sports take a lot of time but also give a lot of energy. I don’t get tired that easily,” says 16-year-old Bas. Special: Bas has nothing to do with museums. During his school break, we called LAM Viewcoach Bas to ask him some questions.

Application via Whatsapp

Bas is certainly not a museum goer or art lover. How did he end up with us? “I got the LAM vacancy through a friend on Whatsapp. Did I feel like working in a museum? Not really. I just wanted to get started. After the first application round on Whatsapp I was allowed to come for an interview. That was more fun than I thought, but I didn’t expect the job to be really fun. ”

They are just nice

“When I go to a museum, I am not the happiest. Somehow, I thought everyone had that same feeling and that I would only meet uninviting people here. I think it’s fantastic: everyone who comes here is enthusiastic. You have the best conversations. It often starts with art and then goes on to very personal things. About someone’s work or hobbies, what people experience. In retrospect, I no longer know how we got to that side path. The other way around is also possible: that we first talk about something trivial and then link a work of art to it.”


Bas thinks it’s great that people can just talk and laugh in the LAM. “It’s buzzing here. If someone laughs downstairs, you can hear it upstairs in the museum. ”

Even my father

“My parents were at the museum recently. They were thrilled. My brother fell over in surprise when he heard it. My father has nothing to do with museums. Nothing. Now my brother wants to come too; if my father likes it, it must be really special. ”

Left behind

Doesn’t he think it’s crazy to suddenly be surrounded by art among all those rough football matches? “No,” says Bas. “I feel like a fish in water here. Visitors are central in the LAM; this is a super social job. Ultimately, football is also about being together and working together, to have fun. On the field I am left back. I am a striker in the museum. From defending to being proactive towards the people. And that is great. Ultimately, everyone prefers to be a striker.

Would you like to look at the art with Bas? You have the best chance of seeing him at LAM on Sundays.

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